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The Dead Sea and its surroundings

Bible is called the Dead Sea as the "primordial sea" (East Sea) and Sea of ??Arava "and the Talmud" west of Sodom. "Greeks and Romans called it" Mare Asflticos ", meaning" sea Khmer ", named clay, asphalt, was its surface, and later determined that there may be a life and called him "sea of ??death", where it was and remains to this day in various European languages.

Byzantine mosaics seen fish come to the Dead Sea from the Jordan River - and turn to the north behind and escape to fresh water. Arabic the Dead Sea is called "Bh'r Lot", which means "Place of Lot", the name of the biblical story of Lot's wife was a pillar of salt close to its shores.

The Dead Sea region is a rare combination of natural, historical and unique healing centers. Dead Sea, the lowest place on earth (about -417 m below Mediterranean) - is a remnant L"imt - tongue "Early stretching north to the Sea of ??Galilee in the Arava region.

Water salinity reaches a concentration of about 340 grams per liter (10 times in the Mediterranean!) - Allows expecting natural, effortless, and creates a sense of Peace and tranquility. Oxygen-rich air is dry and free from pollution. Htmfortorot relatively high even at the height of winter. Ultraviolet rays of the sun are "filtering" natural, phenomenon which allows nice tan without burning and is also used to treat various skin diseases naturally. Along the coast have a hydro sources "who heals" natural mineral rich natural heat, which combined with black mud deposits are an ideal base for health and beauty treatments.

offer hiking trails

"Go to the desert," the track start pearl panoramic Ward , Nature and landscape sites create special combination of its kind, arid desert landscapes and oases with pools and waterfalls, diverse flora winning animals (ibex, hyraxes, insects, reptiles, birds of various kinds, etc.). Rope historical sites are among the most famous and important in the world, including: Masada, Qumran, Jericho, Ein - Gedi, Roman fortresses and monasteries in the Judean Desert.  Bid track Trip Go to the desert roads lead to ... The route will begin pearl Ward - panoramic view allows a look at the Jordan Valley and the Dead Sea.

This is a spectacular vantage from which to see the remains of the settlement attempts in the past. A closer look away from the North East would see the city of Petah - Tikva But you should knew it was going to get up in the area between the Jordan at Jericho. Near the panorama we can enjoy Ward Pearl restaurant offers visitors a variety of meals (groups must be arranged in advance).

The restaurant is The estate near the cabanas. Lookout We will return back to the main road - Route 1 and continue east.

at Lido on the left is the old restaurant building, which should come in and meet Animated map on the wall. If we identify a total distortion painting of this crusader map data, but the way of maps are showing the world of those who drew them.

If we look around we can see clearly the retreat of the sea, and differences occurred Sorry for about 40 years when the then still had the beach restaurant is located near water, and now the distance to the sea is growing. Near the restaurant building can visit the salt ponds of the Dead Sea old factory .

South on Highway 90 we visit Qumran - the ancient seat of the mysterious desert cult - the Essenes. Our visits we could see the remains of the buildings, hope, a pottery workshop and a large hall where tables were stone inkwells that were used to write the Dead Sea Scrolls . Near the caves where the Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered in the Megillah. "

Another history we find if we continue on Route 90 toward Tiberias few minutes away from the junction and reach to 0 and the Jordan Valley. baptism site is one of the holiest places in the Christian world and is betrayed Jordan. According to Christian belief Jesus was baptized by John the Baptist in this place. (Matthew J. 13-17) In "Qasr al Yahud" the children of Israel crossed the Jordan under the leadership of Joshua and went to Israel. (Joshua Gigi - Vis).

Orff continue south shore of the Dead Sea, on the left is Reserve Einot cliffs - Eye Feshkha, Arabic name. This row is the result of a burst water springs savory and sweet coming from the cliff rising above the sea (hence the name which means - a crisis) and now the springs are fed by rainwater that falls on the stage of the Jerusalem and Hebron seeps through cracks in the rocks and break and springs cliffs, and are the springs lowest in the world.

Within the reserve is an archaeological assemblage identified on a farm operated during the Second Temple period, from the Hasmonean period (130 BC) until the time of the Great Revolt Lohorven second home. Reserve visitor finds himself in one of the defenders of the magical and spectacular natural and mystical charm that combine an exotic one, especially in light of conflicts surrounding nature ..

The rest of the trip we could combine beachcombing one of the beaches located nearby. And enjoy the health secrets hidden in the waters of the Dead Sea natural mud shore. Here the sun always shines - even in the winter.

The end of the day finish Ballina estate and continue the next day to visit other sites in the Dead Sea, Cliffs ranks, Ein Gedi Nature Reserve, Masada, Ein Bokek, and much more.
Guests with ways you can offer riding trails in the area.

Guests with car 4 * 4 can offer routes amazing walk northern Judean desert against a beautiful landscape and the Dead Sea Cliff copies.

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