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- Observation Panorama - "Pearl Rose" is a high point overlooking Desert.
- Jeep.
- Horseback riding in the desert.
- Camel tour in advance.
- Abseiling - surfing cliffs.
- B"fnint Ward "will receive advice and guidance Lbiloim and excursions, field trips that combine Tutorial introduction to desert agriculture desert flora and fauna.
- Visit the historical sites of Judaism and Christianity, and more ...
- Familiarization trips desert agriculture
- Visit the historical sites of Judaism and Christianity and

We assist, consult and plan with you an enjoyable trip in
You are invited to browse on the Dead Sea area, where you can get an offer on track on a trip to the region.

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Pninat Vered - Mansion in the desert | Luxurious suites, an event center and many attractions | gem of a place - near the Dead Sea. Phone reservations: 02-9942763