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Events and Conferences

Mansion surrounded by lush greenery, surrounded by lawn and looking out unique, promotes a unique experience for conferences and events in an intimate setting, unique and arcane.
Instead, however, conferences and events.

Can be held for family reasons, and a variety of events such as

• Seven greetings, Shabbat Chatan
• Bar / Bat Mitzvah
• birthdays / anniversaries
• Fun days

Can be held for family reasons and a variety of events

You can order a special occasion and add designs at your request and extra charge - wine, champagne, scented candles, chocolates, flowers and more.
Workshops and seminars;

• workshops and fun days
• conferences blending with nature
• meetings took yoga and laughter.
• Tours for nature, hiking and dining area.
• Travel familiarity with desert agriculture
• workshops, history and lies in the past.

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Pninat Vered - Mansion in the desert | Luxurious suites, an event center and many attractions | gem of a place - near the Dead Sea. Phone reservations: 02-9942763