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Rooms estate

8-year-old mansion hospitality rooms, luxurious suites and invested surrounded by lawn, sitting on the ridge of the mountain and watch the enchanting views of the desert, the Dead Sea valley of Moab, and calm sea.
The rooms are equipped, air-conditioned, have a kitchenette refrigerator and coffee maker. Each room has a large private solar and spacious. Mansion surrounded by greenery and flowers lawn, perfectly groomed, and allows events in and adjacent hall. You can order a special occasion and add designs at your request and extra charge - wine, champagne, on foreign fragrant flowers, chocolates and more. Suitable for individuals, couples, families and groups.

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Pninat Vered - Mansion in the desert | Luxurious suites, an event center and many attractions | gem of a place - near the Dead Sea. Phone reservations: 02-9942763